991.1 C2 GTS (M) - Organically Rare

24 November 2021

It is not a secret that cars are not going through the best of times as far as automotive enthusiasts are concerned, calling upon the quest to identify hidden gems that will become ‘modern classics’ amidst the current status quo.

Naturally aspirated flat-six engine, manual gearbox, rear wheel drive, in a wingless 911 Carrera chassis, is the classic and one of the most sought after Porsche formulas besides the track focused GT series. With no limitation to 991.1 Carrera 2 GTS production numbers, a painfully familiar series of events made it the last of the short-lived naturally aspirated 911 GTS range.

Vastly more important than rarity of a manual, rear wheel drive variant, is the inheritance of a significant portion of fundamentals otherwise only available in the modern-day icons, such as the 911R or 991.2 GT3 (Touring), albeit in a completely different price category. This includes the design of the naturally aspirated 3,8L (MA1.03) engine - wide bore (102mm), short stroke (77.5mm), high compression (10) and high revving (7,800rpm) 3,8L naturally aspirated flat-six, producing 430hp and 440Nm of torque.

To put it these numbers in context, the 991.2 GT3’s naturally aspirated 4,0L (MDG.GA) share identical bore width of 102mm and elongated stroke length of 81.5mm, responsible for the 200cc capacity increase.  With a curb weight of 1,425kg, the 991.1 C2 GTS has a power to weight ratio of 302hp and 309Nm of torque per ton, 4,4 seconds 0-62mph and a top speed of 193mph.

The 991.1 C2 GTS with a manual transmission presents a scarce opportunity in a form of a timeless driver’s car, with rare metrics worthy of modern classic title. Particular attention to detail and individualisation is very familiar characteristic of the Porsche cult following, making these vehicles incredibly spec, condition & provenance dependant.

One could argue that organic rarity has at least two prerequisite and beautifully natural conditions: 1) Taste that can’t be purchased & 2) Unprotected from market exposure by arbitrary production limitations or artificial under supply.

One of such examples in unique specification was sourced at ROCKHURST in 2021 and swiftly spotted by a discerning Porsche enthusiast. 

• Mahogany Metallic Special Paint

• Black LED PDLS Headlights

• Satin Black Rims

• PASM Etc...

• Espresso Natural Leather (Optional upholstery replacing the GTS Alcantara)

• Espresso Alcantara Headliner

• Racing Yellow Dials & Seatbelts

• Sport Chrono

• Sport Steering Wheel

• Burmester Sound System

• Sunroof Etc...

• Late production - Q4 2015

• < 150 UK RHD Manual Variants

• 1 Owner

• 2,880ml


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